About Us

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Briyanna and Chantell started dating back in 2015 and began traveling the world together shortly after, with Costa Rica being their first international destination together. Briyanna came into the relationship a free-spirited wanderer, having already been to a few countries with her family. Costa Rica was Chantell’s first time out of the country, so of course, she fell in love and became addicted to travel thereafter. 


Once their family and friends caught wind of their love for everything travel and wanderlust ways, they began to consult with them for travel advice. Hence, LuxeLiveLiberate was born in 2017. Since then, LuxeLiveLiberate, LLC has evolved from a small idea shared with family and friends, to a dedicated travel brand that motivates, inspires, and empowers minority groups to travel the world.

The couple has been to 15 countries together and still adding to that list. Costa Rica is the couple’s favorite country and Mexico is their least favorite. When they aren’t busy traveling you can find them both eating their way around their home city of Atlanta or relaxing at home enjoying each other’s company. 

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